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April 02, 2017

I found DUEL interesting. The blacksmith's description of small town gossip and rivalries gave me a look into what it was like to live in a small town at that time. The hand-written examples of his essay were a nice touch. His complaints about his arthritis giving him problems writing the report added credibility to the story. The references to Richmond Road and his staying at the hotel in Bytown were fun to read, and gave the story a sense of local history.

The name change for Rideau Ferry from the original name was interesting. The description of the public hanging was informative. I did not realize that a person was hanged from anything other than a gallows. This hanging from a garret was quite gruesome. The large crowds and festive atmosphere made it all the more bizarre. They didn't have much entertainment in small towns in those days.


Thanks for your insightful observations, Moe.


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