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April 02, 2017

I read both McNab and DUEL.

Your use of the Scottish dialect in McNab made the story more authentic. And I could see so clearly some of the places you mention because I remember them from when I lived in Arnprior. Showing what life was like in Scotland in the 19th century also added to the story. Living was really hard back then.

The blacksmith in DUEL made me really mad! He seemed honest enough in his business dealings, but a liar and conniver in his personal relationships. I was enraged by his despicable behavior! He should have been man enough to take responsibility. His letters to Mary echo throughout the story. I was angry when I finished the book because of what happened to Lyon.

I thought both books were well written, and I look forward to your next one.


Hi Mimi,

Thanks for your interesting appraisal of both novels.


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